Oppression and Positive psychology:

How does positive psychology affect Sexism, Classics, Nativism in the modern Libyan society?

Bushra Toghar Bushra Tughar

Politik & Gesellschaft

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Beschreibung zu „Oppression and Positive psychology:“

As Libyan people went through oppression, which is supposedly, occurred within every society in the world and that is holding back its citizens. Positive psychology has taken a role in society whenever people felt down and miserable. However, it can act wrongly if the negative emotions are always ignored. You should agree that, positivity does not mean the total absence of any negativity. Nevertheless, It means the absence of violence in all forms and unfolding of negativity in a constructive way. Therefore, positivity exists where people are interacting non-violently, are managing their inner-self-conflict positively–with respectful attention to the legitimate needs, and interest of all concerned.
A specific concentration to how positive psychological factors can take a part to flourish the oppressed society and tackle-down the psychological suffering and negative statuses.






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