Volumetrics Diet

A Review of the Diet and Beginner’s Step-by-Step Overview

Bruce Ackerberg

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Beschreibung zu „Volumetrics Diet“

Volumetrics Diet is an award-winning diet plan that is backed-up with scientific studies regarding energy density. It has been ranked as the 6th out of the 32 participants in the Best Diets Overall category of the US News and World Report’s Best Diet 2014.

It also ranked number 4 in the Best Diets for Healthy Eating category, number 5 on the Best Weight-loss Diets category and number 8 on the Best Diabetes Diets category. Studies done by the creator of Volumetrics diet, Barbara Rolls, also proved the effectiveness of this diet plan. Some of those studies have been published on the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The Volumetrics diet plan is a proven and tested plan that mainly focuses on the energy density of foods taken in. It is more of an eating plan than a diet plan because participants are not prohibited to eat any type of food, but are actually recommended to eat more.

The rationale behind this is that a participant can eat more of very low-density foods, but must eat limited amounts of high density foods. It primarily focuses on the idea of fullness, which means that foods with higher water and fiber contents are recommended. Many nutritionists suggest this eating plan because it does not focus on deprivation and because of the fact that this diet plan changes the perception of individuals when it comes to food.

This book is written to help beginners understand the important details of Volumetrics. It includes a detailed definition of Volumetrics together with research conclusions that prove the effectiveness of this diet plan. The four food categories introduced by Barbara Rolls are also included to help the reader understand the concept of energy density in foods. It also contains a step by step process on how to start a Volumetrics diet.

A simple meal plan is given to give the reader an idea of what foods are usually taken in by a participant. It also gives a brief discussion of the importance of other nutrients such as protein. Aside from that, the 5th chapter of the book includes a detailed discussion of the food list. The list ranges from very low-density foods to high-density foods. Examples of each food category are also given.

An entire chapter will be devoted to recipes which you can prepare for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Nutrition facts of each recipe are also provided to help the reader calculate and keep track of their calorie consumption since that is the most consuming activity in this eating plan.






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