Living Longer in Good Health Through OPCs

The Natural Active Substances for the New Millennium

Anne Simons

Gesundheit & Ernährung

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Beschreibung zu „Living Longer in Good Health Through OPCs“

In the 1950s the French pharmacologist Prof. Masquelier discovered a substance with strong protective and healing properties: OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanidins), the long searched vitamin P, a potent cofactor of vitamin C and above all the strongest known antioxidant.

In her comprehensive book German bestselling author Anne Simons, who met Prof. Masquelier personally and therefore has first-hand information, describes the discovery and application of OPCs – one of the most potent substances against premature aging and immune deficiency, cardiovascular diseases, and many other problems. Simons presents the amazing effective range of OPCs with numerous applications and cases:

- Due to their unique effect on collagen OPCs impressively improve the vascular system within a few days (e.g. in the case of weak venous vessels, haemorrhoids, bleeding gums, neurodermatitis, eczemas, etc.)
- As the strongest known antioxidants they help prevent cardiovascular diseases, allergies, immune deficiency, chronic inflammations like bronchitis, asthma and cancer. As antioxidants the OPCs are 20 times more effective than vitamin C and 40-50 times more effective than vitamin E!
- OPCs help improve the sight even of old people, also in the event of cataract.
- As a new vital substance in cosmetics OPCs make premature wrinkles disappear so that you look young and healthy.

German author Anne Simons was born in 1956. She studied English and French languages and literature in Münster and Munich (Germany) as well as in Lille (France). She has worked as a teacher and a translator of fiction and non-fiction books, studied natural healing methods and has written various books, some of which have become bestsellers. Her books on OPCs („Gesund länger leben durch OPC“ with Alexander Rucker and „Das OPC-Arbeitsbuch“) have made her well known. These and innumerable lectures on OPCs have made her popular in the German speaking parts of Europe.
Anne Simons not only sifted through the vast amounts of scientific literature on OPCs that mainly existed in French and English, but she also presented it to the German speaking reader in a way so that everybody can understand this complex topic. She met Professor Dr. Masquelier, who discovered and explored OPCs, personally, and through many encounters, talks and letters the two developed a sincere friendship. Anne Simons thus had the rare opportunity to get first-hand knowledge on the extremely fascinating issue of OPCs.


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