Parenting the Conundrum Child

The CAN do approach to uncovering their unique abilities

Aniesa Blore

Hörbuch Ratgeber Familie & Erziehung

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Beschreibung zu „Parenting the Conundrum Child“

There's nothing wrong with your child! Stop worrying! No matter how often your friends and family may say this, if you know that your child is developing differently from their peers, it's time to stand up for your conundrum child.
When you have a child with additional needs, what's important is not that they get top marks or play rugby for the first team: it's that they are able to get changed quickly enough after PE or have a friend round on a stress-free playdate. Use the CAN approach to help your child Connect, Achieve and Navigate their way to independence.
This audio book gives you the strategies you need to:
· Connect with yourself and your child
· Ditch the parent guilt
· Help your child achieve goals and cope with new situations
· Understand how to get what you need from healthcare professionals
· Help your child develop the skills they need to enjoy life to the full

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Aniesa Blore


Rethink Press




4 Std. 18 Min.





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