The Devil Plays an Evil Tune

Albert Able Nigel Darter


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Beschreibung zu „The Devil Plays an Evil Tune“

This is a human story of Good verses Evil, of Faith and Courage, of Avarice and Greed, of Love and Dedication, of Trust and Betrayal And above all "The Lust for Diamonds" And so Alex Scott is sent off once again on the trail of Democracy's deadly enemy, The Syndicate who are showing too close an interest in an illegal source of diamonds from Sierra Leone and Angola.

Über Albert Able

"Albert Able a retired hotelier lives with his family in Jersey.
Six years ago he'd never typed a word in his life; then he was given a computer.
Since then he has written four adventure thrillers but his latest book is Contemporary fiction, written using his own wide experience of the hospitality industry.
Albert has also writes short stories some of which have been successfully published. This has lead into the development of an App for the Apple iPad ‘Travellers Friend Worldwide'.
Initially designed as a fun way of combating ‘Travel Boredom' it has evolved into a ‘Travellers' social network as well as a library of other author's novels, where enthusiastic writers have the opportunity to submit and sell their work..
Although Albert is still a sailing, powerboat enthusiast, the current passion is Clay Target Shooting. “It's real challenge, in fact it's almost addictive,” he claims.
Formerly a private pilot he loved the joy and liberty of flying, but not the Spartan discipline associated with it. (Gets in the way of socialising)
“Oh and he's a dog lover too!”"


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