31 Days of Psalms

Revealing God's Heart

Ailie Baumann

Religiöse Ratgeber

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Beschreibung zu „31 Days of Psalms“

The picture of God as a loving father may for some be a puzzle especially given that religion has painted God as a diety similar to Zeus waiting on the edge of his seat to raid a shower of lightning bolts to put us in our place.

Or, we want to believe that God is indeed an incredible God of love yet, we wonder if he really loves us or sees us as worthy. However, God even in his majesty and might is a God of lavish love whose heart is turned towards you in devotion.

For this purpose, I created 31 Days of Psalms - Revealing God's Heart. I wanted to draw you, the reader, into a deeper understanding of God's lavish love towards you, and the truth that he is intricately involved in the everyday moments of your life.

Here you will find thirty-one Psalms and verses to meditate on and include in your daily time with God. In many ways, it is akin to a devotional book. Join me and a variety of other passionate Jesus writers as we explore the book of Psalms together.






ca. 79





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