The Power of Smile

Adrian Tanase

Hörbuch Ratgeber Spiritualität

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Beschreibung zu „The Power of Smile“

The smile is the icon of our childhood. When we are kids, we always smile, we laugh for no reason out of all the little aspects of our lives, we feel free and we transform everything into a game. Even when we are serious, our hearts are clean, and laughter and smiles are a second away. But as we grow up and mature, life installs in with its usual problems, difficult situations, and sometimes unwanted circumstances, and smiling becomes a hard thing to do. This book is created for those of us that forgot how it feels to smile, those who need to be reminded that nothing heals more our hearts and minds than a simple and sincere smile.I will guide you throughout the book on a journey where we can remember together the importance of the smile, and where we will see which practices we can do to bring back our smiles and rejoice in its tremendous power to make us whole, again.

Gelesen von:

Adrian Tanase


Crystal Gate Publishing




2 Std. 37 Min.





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