Guidelines for Inter-Religious Dialogue

Practical suggestions for successful interfaith dialogue

Gabrielle Girau Pieck Amira Hafner Al-Jabaji Tanja Esthe Kröni Rifa’at Lenzin Heidi Rudolf Doris Strahm Reinhild Traitler-Espiritu Tanja Esthe Kro?ni

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Beschreibung zu „Guidelines for Inter-Religious Dialogue“

In recent decades more and more people have realised that in our globalised world, cultural and religious plurality is here to stay. This plurality can enrich us all. But suspicion and fear of other cultures and religions is still actively present among us. Tolerating difference needs inner strength and fundamental goodwill. This goodwill must include the readiness to respect other people and their concerns and take them seriously. The Inter-Religious Think-Tank responsible for these Guidelines is a group of Jewish, Christian and Muslim women, who have all been active for years in the field of interfaith dialogue. The Guidelines are aimed at helping people who are just starting out to plan interfaith projects and events. But they are also aimed at people who have been engaged in interfaith dialogue for some time, and may have experienced every now and again that they have done or said something dysfunctional – they are aware that they have “dropped a brick”, but do not quite understand what happened. Examples taken from the praxis of dialogue situations will show where stumbling blocks are liable to be found, and how we can avoid them.

One special feature of these Guidelines is that it has been written by Jewish, Christian and Muslim women working together.


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