European firms and climate change 2020/2021

Evidence from the EIB Investment Survey

European Investment Bank

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Beschreibung zu „European firms and climate change 2020/2021“

The European Union's COVID-19 recovery plan could be the impetus businesses need to invest in climate measures and prepare for the transition to a net-zero carbon economy. Our newest climate report looks at how firms' view these twin challenges and their preparedness to meet them.

- Firms are more aware of the physical risks posed by climate change, but less aware of the risks caused by the transition to clean energy.
- Almost half of EU firms surveyed are investing in climate change measures, compared with roughly one-third of US firms.
- Uncertainty over regulation and taxation continues to hamper climate investments.To green its economy, Europe needs a comprehensive strategy that will provide businesses with the guidance they need to invest in climate preparedness and the energy transition.


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