Autismus und Gesundheit

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Christine Preißmann

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Beschreibung zu „Autismus und Gesundheit“

Access to the health-care system is difficult for people with autism spectrum disturbances as a result of many obstacles. Medical care for many of those affected and their health situation are therefore inadequate. This book provides helpful ideas on how to make collaboration successful for everyone involved. Numerous areas that are necessary for leading a healthy life are discussed: in addition to diagnosis, symptoms and treatment options, special aspects of medical care for people with autism are also presented in relation to a wide variety of barriers. Frequent accompanying illnesses and crisis situations are taken into account, as well as a generally healthy lifestyle, the need for sports and exercise, and autism in transitional periods such as puberty and in the elderly. The book provides an overview of measures for achieving barrier-free access in the various areas of life (school, work and professional life, accommodation, everyday life, friendships, etc.) and offers tips for individuals who are affected, for their relatives and for medical specialists.

Über Christine Preißmann

Dr. Christine Preißmann ist Ärztin für Allgemeinmedizin und Psychotherapie und Asperger-Autistin.


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