The New Story about Life and Money

Shifting from "The Age of Money "to "The Age of Joy & Living"

Rafael D. Kasischke

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Beschreibung zu „The New Story about Life and Money“

Our lives are out of balance. Emotions such as fear and worry, greed and guilt have become our leaders and are throwing our personal worlds, society at large, and nature into disarray. The main contributor to this crisis is money - or better said: the way we think of and deal with money.
We have lost our connection to the real purpose of money and the energies behind it, and with that, we have lost our happiness and health. So how can we have it all: the money, the joy, and the good health? This is the central question of this book. To answer it, we have to open our minds and beliefs.
Only if we dare to move into the new can we step out of any negative situations in our lives and help others find purpose and joy. Based on his experience as a banker to the rich, Rafael Kasischke shows you how you can start that journey towards more inner and outer balance.
"Our awareness of life is limited. We are caught in old concepts, belief systems, and ideas. When we unlock our minds and see the world with new eyes, we can finally become healthy and content. The same applies to money." Rafael D. Kasischke


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