Diverticulitis Diet

A 3-Week Step-by-Step Guide for Women, With Curated Recipes and a Sample Meal Plan

Stephanie Hinderock

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Did you know that diverticular disease occurs more in western countries compared with developing countries? This may be due to the generally unhealthy diet composed of processed food items rather than natural ones! In areas such as the United States, Australia, and Europe, half of the population of 60-year-olds and above have diverticulosis.

According to a study on the prevalence of diverticular diseases, these types of diseases occur at around 65% to older patients (85 years old) and are estimated to be as low-slung as 5% for middle-aged persons (40 years old and younger). However, the same study also reported that the prevalence of diverticular diseases has increased in younger patients in the later years. Earlier studies also suggested that diverticular diseases occur more in men than in women.

Diverticular disease is a common problem for gastroenterologists as it is not only a condition that the older population experience, but also affects the economy due to numerous diverticular disease hospital admissions. Diverticular disease is a set of medical conditions involving pouches in the colon wall (called diverticula) that have formed due to pressure from stools clogging the colon. When these pouches are inflamed, the condition of diverticulitis exists.

In this guide, the inflammation of diverticula or diverticulitis will be explained in-depth, including the possible treatment through nutrition therapy. By the end of this guide, you are expected to learn the following:

What diverticulitis is all about
The difference between diverticulosis and diverticulitis
How is diverticulitis diagnosed and treated
How can diverticulitis be treated using diet plans
How to prevent future diverticulitis occurrence
Also, a sample 7-day meal plan for the diverticulitis treatment will be provided along with meal recipes!






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