The Socialization of Dogs With Abnormal Behavior

And the Reasons for Their Failure

Sascha Bartz

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Beschreibung zu „The Socialization of Dogs With Abnormal Behavior“

How can a dog with behavioral problems be trained? And why do so many attempts to train untrained dogs fail?

The answer to the second question is the anthropomorphization of the dog and the inconsistent differentiation between socialization and education. Thus, on the one hand, needs are attributed to the dog, which he simply does not have, and on the other hand, attempts are made to socialize him by means of the methods of conditioning, which are doomed to failure.

Conditioning, however, does not lead to insight - as the psychologist says. But the latter is the goal of education.

In addition, there is a lack of compliance of the owners and the power of habits.

For a better understanding, the author lets his therapy dog Neo tell the connections from his point of view in this book.


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