The Happy Money

Transforming Money & Mind into Health & Wealth

Rafael D. Kasischke

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Beschreibung zu „The Happy Money“

We need a new roadmap in our relationship with money. One that leads us to a new kind of money: Happy Money. The kind that is earned, spent, and invested with love and light-heartedness. And yes, you have the power to make it happen right now!

This book is more than an inspiration: it's a wake-up call. Rafael Kasischke shows us that we need to shift our mindset to transform our world. Old beliefs make way for a higher consciousness and a deeper understanding of money and its connection to our well-being. Here Rafael guides us out of the deceptions of fear and greed and helps us answer questions like: Who am I? Why are we here? What actually is money?

Rafael's aspirational vision propels us to look at our lives and finances differently: it calls upon every generation to work together for a brighter future. His vast and international experience in private banking, serving the ultra-wealthy, and his subsequent awakening to a higher purpose reveal to us the secrets of happiness and of creating a positive impact in this world. This is your chance to take an active part in reshaping the way we live.


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