Lanzarote a different way! Compact Travel Guide 2020

Andrea Müller

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5. completely revised, updated and expanded compact new edition 2020: up to date, detailed information and addresses, insider tips, highlights, written in a photo-free and understandable way.NEW 2020: Experience the hustle and bustle in the 10 studios of the new sustainable market MAS in the farming village of the Monumento al Campesino. Take part in small workshops. They create individual souvenirs, mojo sauces and process gofio into a dessert typical of the island. Also in the Asociación Milana you will be active with natural cochineal colour in the creation of pictures and silk scarves. After a guided tour of the largest salt flats in the Canary Islands - the Salinas de Janubio - you should definitely try the Flor de Sal, which has been awarded a gold medal. Visit the restored 19th century windmill Molino de Tiagua and don't miss the flaming infernal spectacle of Timanfaya at the Centro de Visitantes.In Teguise you must visit the imaginative figure park in front of Casa Don Pillimpo and the largest island market Mercadillo Teguise Market with over 500 stalls. Island artists as well as creative German emigrants should arouse your interest. For changing art exhibitions you can dive into the old water reservoir El Aljibe and experience first hand island artists in the Taller Municipal de Haría creating individual works.Treat yourself to a restful break and a relaxing day of swimming among locals in the small bays of Punta Mujeres with the natural swimming pools Piscinas Naturales.The travel guide Lanzarote in a differentway! 2020 takes you to the attractions of the multi-faceted volcanic island: Look north from the Mirador del Río to the picturesque neighbouring island La Graciosa with its beautiful sandy beaches. Explore the heart of the earth in the Cuevas de los Verdes caves and observe the world's only albino crabs in the Jameos del Agua. See well over 1000 different species of cacti in the Jardín de Cactus and look from the pirate castle Castillo Santa Barbara to the old island capital Teguise. Visit the famous house with the underground volcanic bubbles in the Fundación César Manrique and don't miss the eccentric estate of actor Omar Sharif in Lagomar. From the Monumento al Campesino with the Farmers' Museum you will travel through the unique wine growing area of La Geria to the Fire Mountains in Timanfaya National Park. Here you can try the specialities of the lava grill, which is powered by geothermal energy, in the Timanfaya Restaurant El Diablo. On the way to the rough south you will stop at the Salinas de Janubio salt works and observe the breathtaking natural spectacle of Los Hervideros. After a short ascent to the green lagoon Lago Verde, you go to the picturesque fishing village El Golfo. Enjoy fresh fish dishes and end your day with a glass of wine and a great sunset. With the travel guide Lanzarote in a different way! 2020 Do not miss any of the popular markets and restaurant recommendations. It also reveals where to find authentic island artists, creative German emigrants and the glittering olivine natural stones. You will discover untouched bathing bays and the dream beaches of the Playas de Papagayo in the south. On the great César Manrique Tour you will find all the highlights in one day. Walk around the colorful volcanic mountain Montaña Colorada and the black Montaña del Cuervo. Look into the breathtaking crater of Monte Corona and hike through National Park on the guided Tremesana Walk. On no account should you miss the beautiful endless sandy beaches of Fuerteventura during a crossing. Lanzarote in a different way! is the TOP- travel guide for your current holiday planning. You arrive immediately in Lanzarote and dive into the lively island life.

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Prof. Dr. Margarete Boos ist Professorin für Wirtschafts- und Sozialpsychologie an der Universität Göttingen. Dr. Andrea Müller ist wiss. Mitarbeiterin an der Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften, Winterthur. Dr. Caroline Cornelius ist Referentin für Academic Staff Development an der Universität Konstanz und Online-Moderatorin an der Universität Basel.


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