La Palma a different way! Travel Guide 2020

Andrea Müller

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Beschreibung zu „La Palma a different way! Travel Guide 2020“

1st edition 2020 La Palma, the small Isla Bonita, is the greenest and most versatile Canary Island of the archipelago. The travel guide La a different way! 2020 brings you with numerous detailed maps and exact information to all highlights. Start with a detailed described city tour through the capital Santa Cruz de La Palma and let your discoverer heart beat faster. The main shopping street O'Daly leads you along magnificent buildings to the Plaza de España with the towering Iglesia de Salvador. Learn all about the important capital festival at the Bajada de La Virgen Interpretation Centre, which is held in honour of the island's patron saint. Visit the old market hall La Recova and the large island museum Museo Insular. Admire the wooden balconies Balcones Tipicos, which are the symbol of the capital, and take a breath of discovery on Christopher Columbus' Santa Maria in the Museo Barco de la Virgen. In Breña Alta, shop with nuns at the Monasterio El Cister and see how hand-rolled cigars are made at the Museo del Puro Palmero and Puros Artesanos. Bathe on the beautiful lava beaches of the popular town of Los Cancajos and smile at the legendary history of the twin dragon trees of San Isidro. In Villa de Mazo, visit the Corpus Christi Museum Museo Casa Roja, watch ancient Canarian pottery being made at Ceramica El Molino and visit the aboriginal caves Cuevas del Belmaco. At the southern tip you can enjoy fabulous views during a crater hike in the centre of Volcán de San Antonio and meet salt workers in the Salinas de Fuencaliente. Visit the new Centro Reserva Marina next to the Faro de Fuencaliente lighthouse and taste the excellent wines at Bodegas Teneguia. Be sure to visit the Casa Museo del Vino wine museum in Las Manchas, where you can taste and buy all the island wines. The newly opened Caña del Fuego explains the earliest volcanic eruptions on La Palma. Do not miss to book a guided tour through the dark volcanic cave. A guided tour will tell you the history of Tazacorte. Go to a banana plantation next to the Museo del Plátano or spot dolphins and whales on a boat trip from Puerto de Tazacorte. In El Paso, visit the silk museum Museo de la Seda and see the petroglyphs El Verde and La Fayana. From the Centro de Visitantes de El Paso you start to the world's largest erosion crater Caldera de Taburiente. After a shopping trip in Los Llanos de Aridane you will dive into the history of the natives in the archaeology museum Benahoarita.

Über Andrea Müller

Prof. Dr. Margarete Boos ist Professorin für Wirtschafts- und Sozialpsychologie an der Universität Göttingen. Dr. Andrea Müller ist wiss. Mitarbeiterin an der Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften, Winterthur. Dr. Caroline Cornelius ist Referentin für Academic Staff Development an der Universität Konstanz und Online-Moderatorin an der Universität Basel.


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