Improvised Weapons & Munitions – U.S. Army Ultimate Handbook

How to Create Explosive Devices & Weapons from Available Materials: Propellants, Mines, Grenades, Mortars and Rockets, Small Arms Weapons and Ammunition, Fuses, Detonators and Delay Mechanisms

U.S. Department of the Army

Medizin, Wissenschaft & Technik

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Beschreibung zu „Improvised Weapons & Munitions – U.S. Army Ultimate Handbook“

Originally created as a U.S. Army Technical Manual, this ebook provides detailed explanation of manufacturing munitions from seemingly innocuous locally available materials. Primarily intended to increase the potential of Special Forces and guerrilla troops, "Improvised Munitions Handbook" represents perfect reading for all arms enthusiasts, as well as civilians considering their safety. This edition offers simple instructions, enriched with a large number of illustrations, on various techniques for constructing many different weapons and devices made of materials that can be bought in a drug or hardware store or found in a junkyard. The instructions are presented in a way that even people normally not familiar with making and handling munitions can use them.
Table of Contents:
Explosives and Propellants
Plastic Explosive Filler
Improvised Black Powder
Carbone Tet- Explosive
Methyl Nitrate Dynamite
Urea Nitrate Explosive
Sodium Chlorate and Sugar or Aluminum Explosive…
Mines and Grenades
Nail Grenade
Wine Bottle Cone Charge
Coke Bottle Shaped Charge…
Small Arms Weapons and Ammunitions
Pipe Pistol for 9 mm Ammunition
Shotgun (12 gauge)
Carbine (7.62 mm Standard Rifle Ammunition)
Rifle Cartridge…
Mortars and Rockets
Shotgun Grenade Launcher
Fire Bottle Launcher
60 mm Mortar Projectile Launcher…
Incendiary Devices
Chemical Fire Bottle
Gelled Flame Fuels
Improvised White Flare
Improvised White Smoke Munitions…
Fuses, Detonators & Delay Mechanisms
Electric Bulb Initiator
Fuse Igniter from Book Matches
Delay Igniter from Cigarette
Watch Delay Timer
Can-Liquid Time Delay
Mousetrap Switch
Knife Switch
Rope Grenade Launching Technique
Bicycle Generator Power Source
Improvised Battery
Armor Materials…
Primary High Explosives
Secondary High Explosives


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