31 Cooking Steps

Todd Hicks

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Beschreibung zu „31 Cooking Steps“

This is not your traditional cookbook in which you'll see pictures that accompany recipes for various dishes and desserts you might normally expect to find in so many other places online and offline. Instead, I have based this book on my own step-by-step process to follow for cooking certain items such as chicken on top of covering steps you must take in order to not mess up your cooking experience on any given day.

Based on my personal experience as a chef, I have put together a collection of things I have learned to do in regard to solving my cooking mishaps and never repeating them – I have also blended in tidbits partially based on what I have posted on my food preparation blog from time to time.

Ultimately, you will learn the techniques that count toward cooking more efficiently and reducing hassle. Plus, you'll receive advice on how to effectively fix some dishes such as burritos and enchiladas on a do-it-yourself basis without actually using a recipe – my own instructions on fixing Sloppy Joes, pasta and other items are also included.

This book is for kids and adults who want to learn to cook.






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