Clicker Training For Cats

Successfully train cats with Cat Clicker Training Book for a gentle cat education

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★ Clicker Training For Cats. ★

Successfully train cats with cat clicker Training for a gentle cat education
Whether it's just to strengthen the relationship between you and your cat or to teach your gentle paw tricks and commands, clicker training, or "clicker" for short, is a great way to teach your cat new things and train it in certain behaviors.

With clicker training, however, there are some things that you should know in advance and to which it is essential to pay attention. Not only so that the training brings success as quickly as possible, but also to not overburden his cat.

We will go into all this and much more in detail in this guide to clicker training, so that no more questions should remain unanswered and you can start clicking immediately.

What to expect:

Requirements and training accessories
Strengthening the relationship
Why clicker training?
Is every cat suitable for clicker training?
Does age matter?
How cats can benefit from it?
What should humans learn beforehand?
Ritual around training
Which treat as a reward?
When is it best to click?
Conditioning on the clicker
Training with the target stick
The principle of shaping (shaping behavior)
The Capturing Principle (capturing behavior)
Using behavior chains and learning signals
Many exercises






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