Abraham Lincoln

A Memorial Discourse

T. M. Eddy

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Beschreibung zu „Abraham Lincoln“

'Abraham Lincoln' is a publication of a eulogy made by the Rev. T. M. Eddy delivered at a Union Meeting, held in the Presbyterian Church, Waukegan Illinois on April 19, 1865, the day upon which the funeral services of the president were conducted in Washington, and observed throughout the United States as one of mourning. In mourning the fallen leader, Eddy states that, "We have been through the Red Sea of war, and across the weary, desert marches of griefs and bereavements, but heretofore we have felt that our leader was with us, and believed that surely as Moses was led by the pillar of cloud and of fire, so did God lead him. But now that leader is not. Slain, slain by the hand of the assassin, murdered beside his wife! The costliest blood has been shed, the clearest eye is closed, the strongest arm is nerveless—the Chief Magistrate is no more."


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