Forex Trading

Proven Strategies to Make Money from the Forex Market with Ease

Stephen Benjamin

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Do you want to make money online from Forex Trading?

Maybe you’ve been trading before without any result?

Worry not! I will teach you the steps by steps procedure of making money from the Forex market without spending more than 30mins per day.

Forex trading is not about pulling the trigger when you see a big move; you need to have a PROVEN TRADING EDGE. A Trading edge is what defines if you will succeed in this business or not. And it is the signals you are looking for in the market that inform you when to buy and when to sell.

This book FOREX TRADING: Proven Strategies to make money from the Forex Market with Ease is written to fill the gap by giving you the right proven trading edge that will help you to make money from the market. If you have been trading forex before and you barely break even, or you are a beginner in the Forex business, this book is for you.

This book contains simple forex trading strategies and all the forex trading basics that are prerequisites for a beginner’s success.

You will learn
(a) The Basics of Forex Trading & the MT4
(b) How to know & trade the trend of a Forex Market
(c) Powerful & Profitable Candlesticks Signals to trade
(d) Risk & Money Management Strategies
(e) Proven & Reliable Brokers to trade with


It is written withYOU in mind. This is a training manual that takes you by the hand and show you steps by steps how to trade Forex. You don’t need to pay a huge amount for one Forex Course that won’t solve your problem, this book is a teach yourself guide to get you to make money online from Forex Trading even if you don’t know anything about Forex Trading before. Trust me!

If you are looking for forex trading strategies that are simple, effective and proven to help you make money from the forex market, this is a book you need. It is a must read for you.

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