Survival Instinct

35 Life-Threatening Exceptional Situations and Their Most Likely Ways Out

Martin Luntig

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Beschreibung zu „Survival Instinct“

The unconditional will to live and to continue to be - this obvious basic need forms the basis of all human life. As with all mammals, the survival instinct is innate in humans. We always strive to preserve our health and our lives, have a great need for security and protection and are constantly on the lookout to avoid danger. The survival instinct is also called "self-preservation instinct" and it arises from a combination of innate behaviour, learned reactions, and conscious decisions. The term "instinct" is still not precisely defined. In addition to genetic predispositions, experience values and epigenetics are added in the course of life. Inherited and acquired behaviour interlock like clockwork, intermingle, and in this way give rise to our instinct for self-preservation. In the following chapters, we would like to show you various dangerous situations, some of which are not so rare. We admit that some of the things mentioned will probably never happen to you, as they are rather unusual events. However, our principle is: "Better safe than sorry!" and it certainly never hurts to acquire knowledge that can help you in every conceivable situation.

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