Slavery's Pleasant Homes & Other Tales

The Quadroons, Charity Bowery, The Emancipated Slaveholders, Anecdote of Elias Hicks, The Black Saxons & Jan and Zaida

Lydia Maria Child

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Lydia Maria Child is better known as the abolitionist who supported Harriet Jacob's masterpiece, Incident in the Life of a Slave Girl, but very few people know that Lydia Maria Child was a prolific author who had dedicated her life for the abolition of slavery in her actions and writings. This edition brings to you her 7 hard hitting anti-slavery stories in one volume:
Slavery's Pleasant Homes
The Quadroons
Charity Bowery
The Emancipated Slaveholders
Anecdote of Elias Hicks
The Black Saxons
Jan and Zaida
Lydia Maria Child (1802–1880) was an American abolitionist, women's rights activist, Native American rights activist, novelist, journalist, and opponent of American expansionism. Her journals, both fiction and domestic manuals, reached wide audiences from the 1820s through the 1850s. At times she shocked her audience as she tried to take on issues of both male dominance and white supremacy through her stories.


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