The Colors Of A Optimistic World

Habits Of Successful And Extremely Happy People

Logan J. Davisson

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"About the book" The Colors Of A Optimistic World: Habits Of Successful And Extremely Happy People.

Are you often depressed or just unhappy? Is your head full of negative thoughts that are difficult to fade out? Do you often feel sad, depressed and dissatisfied? This guidebook has been written for those who want to change their mental attitude to a positive path in life. The key is positive thinking. Positive thinking has many advantages. In addition to better health, positive thinking also leads to great relationships, higher self-esteem, and a whole new quality of life with more happiness, success, and contentment. With this book you have the opportunity to learn positive thinking. The many practical tips and exercises in this guide will accompany you on your way to becoming a positive thinker.

Über Logan J. Davisson

My great passion are books, and that's why I started writing some books some time ago. It gives me particular pleasure to make life easier for readers, with my guides and to solve their problems. In doing so, I consciously choose topics that are close to my heart. The books are comprehensible, practical and written with light feather, so that reading the numerous tips, exercises and suggestions is just as much fun as trying them out.






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