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In data science, it is difficult to present interesting visual or technical content, as it involves scientific notations that are not easy to type in a normal document format. IPython provides a web-based UI called Notebook, which creates a working environment for interactive computing that combines code execution with computational documents. IPython Notebook makes the task simpler as it was developed for scientific programming to solve larger problems through a series of smaller programs. IPython Notebook is used to learn Python in a fun and interactive way and to do some serious parallel / technical computing.

The book begins with an introduction to the efficient use of IPython Notebook for interactive computation. The book then focuses on the integration of technologies such as matplotlib, pandas, and SciPy. The book is aimed at empowering you to work with IPython Notebook for interactive computing, configuring it, creating your own notebooks / research documents. You will learn how IPython lets you perform efficient computations through examples with NumPy, data analysis with pandas, and visualization with matplotlib.

Über L. Felipe Martins

L. Felipe Martins holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Brown University and has worked as a researcher and educator for more than 20 years. His research is mainly in the field of applied probability. He has been involved in developing code for the open source homework system WeBWork, where he wrote a library for the visualization of systems of differential equations. He was supported by an NSF grant for this project. Currently, he is an associate professor in the Department of Mathematics at Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio, where he has developed several courses in Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing. His current duties include coordinating all first-year Calculus sessions.
He is the author of the blog, All Things Computing (http://fxmartins.com).


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