Change Is Change

Kristopher Hawkins

Psychologie & Selbsthilfe

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Beschreibung zu „Change Is Change“

A short positive book full of inspiring words on embracing change to be successful at being a better you. Change is Change. Its how we adapt and learn from change that helps us experience the inner peace we all desire.First Chapter PreviewTIme Is Everything in life revolves around time. It takes us time to go to sleep at night. It takes us time to dream just as much as it takes to wake up every morning. It took time for you to grow. It took time for your parents to become adults and eventually meet each other to create you. You'll begin to notice time is all around us once you take a closer look at life itself. When we use time wisely our goals and dreams work in our favor. Growing up I was considered a workaholic. My friends would love to hang out, go to parties, or drive around the city daily and I would be doing other things with my time like working on myself or working towards my dreams. The most precious thing about time is we have more than enough of it. From the day we were born into this world we entered a time realm. Life's clock began to move. The average person lives 3,744 total weeks in his lifetime. Doesn't sound like much time right? But when you carefully break it down from days to hours to minutes then seconds you will come to realize you have all the time in the world. It's what you do with that time that counts. If two houses where being built next to each other and they both had one worker. Those workers are provided with the same tools, resources, space, and time. If one of the workers spent 7 days a week and 12 hours a day building his home and the other spent 7 days and 6 hours a day building his. Who would finish his house first? The same goes for your goals and dreams in life. If you use the 24 hours you have in a day to get closer to the life you desire you are entitled to get there a lot faster and efficiently. Therefore there is nothing in life that is out of reach. We all have the same resources, tools, space, and time to accomplish these goals. When you analyze time from that perspective it gives you an overwhelming feeling of belief that anything is possible and you can have anything in life that your heart desires. For example if I were to stand at the end of a street corner and my goal was to get to the other side of the road. The other side is also in the reach of every human being on this planet but only those ones who keep walking regardless of the circumstance will reach the other side. Others will turn around and stare at the other side of the road with hopes to one day to experience it. In life we spend too much time looking for others to encourage us and cheer us on as we embark on our journey of success. When really you are your biggest cheerleader and the world is in your hands. All it takes is effort, courage, and faith to change your entire reality. So treat time the same way you treat your significant other. Handle it with care, appreciate it, never take it for granted, and use it wisely.....






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