Intercultural Competencies in China

Peter Kürble Helena Maria Lischka


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Buchbeschreibung zu „Intercultural Competencies in China“

Intercultural competencies in China focuses on one of the economically most important and - at least from a western point of view - culturally obscure markets: China is the second largest economy by nominal GDP and the largest by purchasing power parity. At the same time, China has one of the world=s oldest cultures and is the cradle of the most influencing philosophical approaches, which still tremendously impact all spheres of Chinese society. Due to that, business in China is - directly or indirectly - influenced by a distinct Chinese pragmatism, networking (Guanxi), the concept of face as well as the idea of business as a battlefield. Knowledge in Chinese culture and negotiation practices constitutes a key factor and increases success rates of business transactions.
With this book, the authors close the gap between literature of purely academic interest on the one hand and common guidebooks on the other. Intercultural competencies in China offers a comprehensive installment of topics that are crucial in understanding the underlyings of cultural differences, what makes it necessary to read for business and private purposes, when dealing with China. In spite of the academic basis all essays are on a comprehensive reading level.


Kohlhammer Verlag




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