Rapid Knowledge Absorption

The Science of Deep Learning and Information Retention

Gunnar Stevenson

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Beschreibung zu „Rapid Knowledge Absorption“

Foster understanding, retention, and participation using scientific evidence-based teaching methods.

Teaching others is a huge responsibility. Delivering knowledge in a way to reach everybody is challenging. Deciphering the needs of diverse learners is perplexing. Effective teaching is an art based on rigorous scientific research. Yet, impactful education can be reduced to a set of straightforward, actionable steps that you, coming from many walks of life, can master! How? I tell you in this book.

Are you a parent, teacher, student, or autodidact? This book can help you to teach and learn smarter.

Rapid Knowledge Absorption helps you discover your teaching style and your students’ learning style. Implant information with the highest impact, consider individual needs, and double down on your strengths.

Promote knowledge acquisition that lasts.

-Discover the most effective, evidence-based teaching methods.
-Learn about the best practices of other teachers.
-Familiarize with effective crisis-management tools.
-Navigate the intricate world of online teaching. Smoothly.
-Specific tips on how to teach reading comprehension, mathematics, and science.
-Find a fitting teaching style for any group size and of any age.

Increase engagement. Spark curiosity and a thirst for more knowledge.

Gunnar Stevenson—a recently retired teacher, lecturer, and avid social science researcher—gives hands-on advice to learn the best teaching practices tailored for today’s needs and beyond. During his academic career, he has helped many students to discover their excellence and paved their path towards a successful, fulfilled and meaningful life. His books tap into the well of his academic and research experience.

‘A teacher affects eternity: he can never tell where his influence stops.’ –Henry Adams

All of us are teachers and students at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you’re learning how to teach or teaching how to learn; you will have an impact on those around you – and the world. Use the information provided in this book to maximize your positive influence.






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