Stop Competing on Price

What every salesperson, entrepreneur and business professional needs to know to differentiate their product or service and make price irrelevant.

David Gómez

Wirtschaft, Recht & Finanzen Job & Karriere

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Beschreibung zu „Stop Competing on Price“

Stop Competing on Price is a differentiation manual to sell with dignity at fair prices. To extract the value your business generates. Many companies don't differentiate; and even if they do, fail at communicating it effectively. When a client doesn't perceive a difference, will decide based on price. In this book you will learn how to design and communicate your difference to stop competing on price. This is a book about differentiation. On how to transform an average business into a remarkable one. The problem is not to have a higher price, but not helping the client understand why. Don't be afraid of your competitors' price, but not being able to explain yours.


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