Psycho Thrill - A Collection of Chilling Tales


Timothy Stahl Michael Marcus Thurner Uwe Voehl Christian Endres Vincent Voss Robert C. Marley


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Beschreibung zu „Psycho Thrill - A Collection of Chilling Tales“

-- PSYCHO THRILL is a series of horror novellas - from classic ghost story to psychological thriller and dark fantasy. This edition is a compilation of five haunting novellas.

-- Christian Endres, The Beast Within:
Jackson Ellis is a bouncer in Seattle. But deep within, he fosters a hideous beast. No one can know about the curse he carries, though some have discovered his dark secret. And they have the means to break him. Their goal is to destroy Jackson Ellis, as well as the beast within. The torture doesn't go as planned. So what does revenge look like, when all that is left is rage?

-- Vincent Voss, Girl in the Well:
Sabine und Robert think they've won the jackpot, when they buy the old Kreuziger Farmhouse at a reduced rate. But then strange things start to happen: Who is this Marie, with whom only their young son can communicate? Why are there swarms of flies buzzing about? Whose footsteps does Sabine hear at night in the attic? In desperation, Sabine contacts the "Witch Archive," a special department at the Ethnological Institute in Hamburg, specializing in the supernatural. But it's too late. The evil has found its target, and it is closing in for the kill ...

-- Michael Marcus Thurner, Suffer, my Sweet:
Throughout high school, Evelyn professed her love for Marco, but he wanted nothing to do with the girl everyone despised. Her hobbies were just too weird. She collected all sorts of strange things, like insects, carefully pinning them to cardboard, or capturing them in glass jars for display. As a result Evi was the laughing stock of her class. Twenty years, later, however, Evelyn seduces Marco at the high school reunion, and they begin a sultry affair. Marco isn't sure if it's love, but he doesn't care: the sex is the best he's ever had. But Evi, she's sure it's something. Because if there is one thing she loves more than anything, it's her precious collection.

-- Robert C. Marley, Tell-Tale Twins:
Bruised and battered, Edgar Allen Poe awakens in a basement dungeon. There, he meets a mysterious man who looks like an older version of himself. Within a week, Poe will attend his own funeral as a spectator, but that's not the most horrific encounter he'll have with a twisted fate. The clock is ticking, and his life is on the line ... again.

-- Timothy Stahl, Unholy Night:
After a horrible accident, Adrian watches as his pregnant wife, Marie, clinically dies for several minutes. By some miracle Marie regains consciousness and finds that the unborn baby is also unharmed. But something in Marie has changed. She's cold and animalistic. Something evil has taken control. Then suddenly Marie disappears. Desperate to find his wife, Adrian tracks Marie down to her childhood home only to discover that her idyllic hometown carries an ancient, dark secret ...

-- Each novella was first published in German and has now been published for the first time in English. Among the writers are popular German authors, as well as newcomers to the scene. Each story is self-contained. PSYCHO THRILL is produced by Uwe Voehl.

-- For fans of Stephen King: Dark Tower series, Neil Gaiman: Fragile Things, and the American Horror Story TV series.


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