The Fruit Picker

Bea Eschen

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Buchbeschreibung zu „The Fruit Picker“

Sebastian is tired of feeling misunderstood by his parents and friends. He is gay and desperately looking for a way out of his sad existence. An offer from an Australian mango grower prompts him to spontaneously embark on an adventurous journey. In his new environment at the orchard he enjoys an untroubled life, until an unexpected event and its consequences suddenly endanger his life. He gets to know Australia in all its facets; from the Australian court system to the spiritual world of the Aborigines. Ultimately, the question arises as to whether Aboriginal Tjandamurra will succeed in protecting Sebastian from his adversaries.

Über Bea Eschen

Bea Eschen was born in Germany and has lived abroad since 1984. Currently she is at home in Sydney, Australia. Her life to date in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia has given her many experiences that inspire her to write.






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