The Company History 1890-2015

Barbara Eggenkämper Gerd Modert Stefan Pretzlik


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Beschreibung zu „Allianz“

On February 5, 1890, the First District Royal Court of Prussia in Berlin entered a new enter prise into the corporate trade register: the „Allianz Versicherungs-Aktien-Gesellschaft“. 125 years later, Allianz is one of the largest international financial services prividers. This book tells the story of the company’s history in a lucidandent ertaining way.
Even before the First World War, Allianz had entered the international insurance industry. But the two World Warsde stroy edits early attempts at global expansion. Not until the 1980s was Allianz able to reach the same degree of internationalization it had already achieved before 1914, breaking through to become a global insurer. Since the 1920s, Allianz had already enjoyed a leading position in Germany; the company was able to build on this after 1945. Barbara Eggenkämper, Gerd Modert, and Stefan Pretzlik describe the development of its numerous business sectors as well as the various strategies of the different director sand their boards, illuminating Allianz’s working worlds and the way they changed as the use of technology increased. What emergesis a multilayered narrative of the 125-year history of Allianz that gives voice not only to the leadership but also to the many employees.






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