Noni Fruit in Ayurvedic and Modern Medicine

Improve your health with this lesser known miracle fruits

Anand Gupta

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Beschreibung zu „Noni Fruit in Ayurvedic and Modern Medicine“

Man's fate and lives are intimately tied with nature, it has always been so - and it will always be so. Nature provides us with food, shelter, materials for building and most importantly - medicine. The story of man's co-dependence with nature is long and myriad, with anecdotes, cures and mystery. Hidden amongst its pages is wisdom ready for rediscovery, wisdom that modern scientists are eagerly delving into in search of new foods, medicines and even cure.

One such hidden gem is the astounding Noni plant, a treasure that hails from Hawaiian shores. Long known to natives and lore as a plant of almost supernatural power, this multi-use plant is making a resurgence in the lab and the Ayurvedic Naturopath's office.

Readily available and easy to use, this miraculous plant can be incorporated into your everyday life, offering benefits for:

* Acne
* Nausea
* Colic/Cough
* Treatment for TB
* Treatment for Arthritis
* Antiseptic ointment
* Digestive problems
* And much, much more...

Join the author in exploring the rich history of the Noni plant, it's preparation (which can include just one part of the plant - or all parts of the plant) and it's many uses, some of which have been used the world over!


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