Mindful Prostate and Anal Massage

The Male G-Spot, tantric erotic massage for couples

Yella Cremer

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Beschreibung zu „Mindful Prostate and Anal Massage“

A prostate massage is, just like a Lingam massage, an exquisite pleasure for sex gourmets! It can be deeply relaxing or very arousing - and both at once. The prostate massage is very sensuous, however, very few men are familiar with it, as the prostate is more difficult to reach - similar to the female G-spot. Because the prostate is connected to different nerves than the penis, the feeling is completely new to some men. Furthermore, penis and prostate can be stimulated simultaneously, so unknown combinations become possible.
The anal area is a taboo zone for many, or constrained with shame.
Whoever dares to enter virgin soil in spite of that, learns the right technique and observes a few basic hygienic measures, will be richly rewarded for his courage.
To discover anal massage for themselves is an enrichment for couples, deepens their intimacy and improves each partner's attitude towards his/her own body.
Be inspired by the illustrations and short descriptions without having to read a whole book.
This quick reference is high-quality laminated and thus very hard-wearing, ideal for versatile use during massage or love-making.
- Preparations
- How can I massage with long nails?
- Hygiene tips for the anal massage
- Male anal and prostate anatomy
- Massage steps
- 4 good positions for a prostate massage
- 6 massage techniques for the rosette
- 5 massage grips for prostate massage from outside and inside
- No fear of pain!
- Am I homosexual?
- Making communication work
- Anal toys


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