The Coming Avatara

A New Planetary Reality

Vallyon Imre


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Buchbeschreibung zu „The Coming Avatara“

In “The Coming Avatara: A New Planetary Reality”, author Imre Vallyon notifies the world of a new reality that is possible for Humanity and planet Earth. He also explains why this present time in our planet’s history is so special and why it holds so much potential for this wonderful new reality to unfold in the coming years. Unlike past Avataras, who came as individuals to help change human consciousness in certain parts of the planet, the Coming Avatara is a cosmic event, an all-embracing energy-field of love and power that will give everyone the opportunity to awaken to their spiritual purpose for being on this planet. How do we prepare ourselves for such an event? Here the author does not leave us searching for answers. The book concludes with two meditation techniques to help us prepare for, and become receptive to, the Coming Avatara.


Sounding-Light Publishing




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