Improve your learning capabilities

signalling effects of aromatherapy

Kathrin Fassnacht Urszula Barbara Rüfenacht

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Fragrances affect not only our feelings, thoughts and well-being. A person's "indoor climate" has a huge influence on sales behaviours of customers. Not only do the scientists in the laboratories of the perfume industry and people in the marketing departments of major department stores know that, but also all pedagogues and adult educators, believe that fragrances influence our learning behaviour, help us to develop ideas, promote our creativity and concentration and reduces test anxiety. Specialist in pharmaceutics and clinical chemistry dr. rer. nat. Urszula Rüfenacht supplies the scientific substructure by which we can understand how the interaction between fragrances and learning behaviour works and aromatherapist and adult educator Kathrin Fassnacht gives tips for its practical application. An indispensable guide for teachers, therapists, instructors and trainers.





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