Blind.Faith 2.0.50

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Tomasz Tatum


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In a not too distant future, mankind seeks and finds a unique way of transforming the globalized world, which has become increasingly complex, frightening and confusing for many, into a clearly structured and smaller place. With the rise of many small city states, each of them home to not more than a few million people, societies rearrange themselves, striving to contain their populations, knowledge and technology within well guarded borders.
One of those city states is the Domain State of Libertyville@ Esperantia, located in the south of what once was the United States of America. Life is said to be fine there, the weather’s good, everyone is well equipped with the finest technology and everything is arranged in accordance with the rules and laws that reflect the spirit of the Almighty. But often, when things appear to become easier and simpler on the surface, they in fact become increasingly complex - and if more and more protagonists and their stories intersect with each other in various places and times, it’s possible that a higher authority may become necessary to close the circle in the end.

Über Tomasz Tatum

Tomasz Tatum, an author raised in the United States and today a passionate European, currently lives in Germany and enjoys observing people and writing about what he sees. Having spent decades travelling all over the world, he still finds himself viewing things around him with a distinctly American perspective. On his numerous trips to the US, however, this viewpoint has evolved to where the sense of identity is often strained. He regards the story of #realbigtweety as an attempt to reconcile what he sees with a nation whose vibrant, democratic cultural heritage is called into question by irrationality and alternative realities.


Frankfurter Literaturverlag




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