Ticket to Ride

Around the World on 49 Unusual Train Journeys

Tom Chesshyre

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Experience the world by train

Why do people love trains so much?

Tom Chesshyre is on a mission to find the answer by experiencing the world through train travel – on both epic and everyday rail routes, aboard every type of ride, from steam locomotives to bullet trains, meeting a cast of memorable characters who share a passion for train travel. Join him on the rails and off the beaten track as he embarks on an exhilarating whistle-stop tour around the globe, from Sri Lanka to Iran via Crewe, Inverness, the Australian outback and beyond.

Über Tom Chesshyre

Tom Chesshyre is a travel journalist based in London and the author of How Low Can You Go? Round Europe for 1p Each Way (Plus Tax), which sold over 10,000 copies (Hodder, 2007).

Currently staff travel writer for The Times, he has previously worked for Cambridge Evening News, Sporting Life, Sky Sports and The Daily Telegraph and writes frequently for the Mail on Sunday.


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1 Kommentar zu „Ticket to Ride“

JODYROBO – 18.11.2019

very enjoyable, funny and wonderfully informative, a must for train freaks like us

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