The Magic of lust 2

Summer Winter


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Dear readers, Thank you for purchasing this book. "The magic of lust" - is an erotic short novel. It is about the history of young Loic, from Reims in France. Loic and his girlfriend Nadja have recently split up because of his sadomasochistic tendencies. Together with his years-long secret swarm of Julia, he travels to Paris to gain a few days' distance. There he discovers a very interesting old mirror in an antique shop. That mirror won't let him go. Gradually he seems to take more and more possession of him. He clouds Loic's senses and lures him with sexual fantasies and debauchery, which he does not consider to be real at first. The newly inflamed love for Julia also seems to fall victim to the mirror. But over time, Loic also realizes that he is not alone. He is not the first to whom the mirror clouds the senses.


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