The Year of God and Other Poems

Subramaniam Cheemalapati

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Beschreibung zu „The Year of God and Other Poems“

About the book:
The past two years have been difficult to navigate. Little did we knew that the corona virus can become such a disrupter in our lives. The initial lockdowns, early 2020, were so tough as each lockdown period was extended and extended again. It was tough to live, within the confines of the four walls, unable to go out of house, for months together. For me, it was a nightmare, as each lockdown re-imposed misery on my mind. Even outside, the world was disturbed, as people died, unable to get a decent burial. The fear of the known enveloped our minds tightly. Out of such a mental state emerged some exuberances to be engaged. This book of poems emerged out of such mental state. Hope you like reading the poems. Happy reading!
About the author:
Subramaniam Cheemalapati writes poetry, short stories, essays, and fiction. THE YEAR OF GOD AND OTHER POEMS is his first book of poems. He is currently working on another poetry book and a thriller novel. He lives in Bangalore with his family. Before starting writing, Subramaniam is an engineering and management graduate. After that, just to shake things up, he started his career as a programmer, and risen through the career graph. He loves to read poetry, literary fiction, and non-fiction. He is now back to his favorite passion – writing.






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