Travel Photography, 2nd edition

The leading guide to travel and location photography

Steve Davey

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Steve Davey’s work has taken him to all over the globe, from the frozen Arctic wastes to the lush islands of Vanuatu. The second edition of Footprint Travel Photography brings you the benefit of his vast experience in a stunning pictorial guide to travel and location photography. Covering both the technical and the creative aspects of photography, this book includes sections on Preparation, Exploration, Execution, Inspiration, Correction and Profession and has been completely revised to reflect new technology & software.

Über Steve Davey

Steve Davey is a photographer and writer, based in London. Blessed and cursed in equal measure with a low boredom threshold, he has turned travel photography into a way of life as well as a career. Steve is the author and principal photographer of Unforgettable Places to See Before You Die and Unforgettable Islands to Escape To Before You Die, both published by BBC Books. Between them, these titles have been published in 26 language editions. Steve also runs photographic tours to India, Southeast Asia, Morocco and Jordan and photographic courses in London - to find out more about these see his website,


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