Miss Eva & Me

Robin Bond


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Beschreibung zu „Miss Eva & Me“

Lucy works in publishing. When she meets one of the company's authors she has little idea of what's in store. Eva is successful, glamorous and attractive, and Lucy easily falls in love. The two embark on an intense affair, with the dominant Eva taking charge of Lucy, giving her a first taste of spanking. Before long, Eva imposes rules on Lucy – forbidding her to masturbate or orgasm without permission. She takes charge of Lucy's appearance, and forbids her to have a relationship with anyone else, though Eva remains free to sleep around. Lucy, in fact, is owned outright by the domineering Eva. There are regular beatings, strap-on sex, kinky house parties, and then a Danish girl, Inge, who wants sex with Lucy. Eva allows it but only on her terms. When Eva leaves for a promotional tour in America, Lucy is frustrated and lonely – until Inge shows up the two have sex. With Lucy compelled to confess her transgression to Eve, the ensuing punishment is severe. And yet, through every ordeal Lucy's devotion to Eva only increases.


Pink Flamingo Publications




ca. 203





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