Imam al Ghazali on the Foundations of Aqeedah

Rami al Rifai

Religion & Glaube

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Buchbeschreibung zu „Imam al Ghazali on the Foundations of Aqeedah“

Imam Abu Hamid al Ghazali (ra), was known as Hujatul Islam, The Proof of Islam, he was one of Islams Great scholars whose works enriched and revived Islam in the Ummah. He combined Tafsir with the science of his time along with his spiritual insights and understanding to explain the Deen at a depth rarely seen in any individual.

This short work taken from The Foundations of Islamic Belief by the Imam, covers the Imam's thoughts on Aqeedah, the work also covers the Ash'ari Aqeedah that the Imam Adhered to and what our Prophet (saws) mentioned regarding the place and people it came from.






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