Sketches of St. Augustine

R. K. Sewall

Historische Romane

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Beschreibung zu „Sketches of St. Augustine“

This brief account of one of the most interesting towns in this country, in many historical points of view, has been prepared to meet the wants of those who may desire to learn something of the place in view of a sojourn, or who may already have come hither in search of health.
The work makes no pretension to fullness of detail, nor to absolute perfection in any particular. It is rather a glimpse at, than a full history of, the place, though it gives such a connected view of the course of events, as to satisfy the curiosity of such as come among us, (and which every sojourner feels the want of,) so far as the lights we now have can aid us in a knowledge of the past.
I have availed myself of such helps, in the few works written, as I could find, which speak of the place.{4}
But the field of historical researched upon which I have entered, I find too extensive to be compressed in all its interesting particulars into a work of this sort. The gleanings, therefore, must for the present suffice.






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