The Modern Bodyguard

Peter Consterdine

Sport & Fitness

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Beschreibung zu „The Modern Bodyguard“

The most comprehensive manual on the subject of Executive Protection. Over the past few years, its author, Peter Consterdine has run EP operations in such diverse geographies as Moscow, Beirut, Madrid, Kazakhstan, London, St. Petersburg, Algeria and the Far East.

As the definitive training manual, The Modern Bodyguard covers all you need to know about the work of bodyguarding and includes over 100 photographs and more than 70 illustrations covering the most up-to-date techniques. Peter adopts a ‘real world’ approach to how the many drills and procedures should be applied in practice not just in theory.

The subjects covered include:

Personal Security, The CP Team, Terrorist Tactics, Threat and Threat Assessment, Location Security, Travel Security, Vehicle Security and Searching, Embus/Debus Procedures, Route Selection and Reconnaissance, Vehicle Escort Procedures, Anti-Ambush Drills, Walking Drills, Bomb Awareness and Recognition, Weapon Selection and Handling, Emergency First Aid, Unarmed Combat and Fitness Training, Surveillance and Running the Control Room


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