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This is the Story of the Constitution in 5 Minutes a day! 1 1/2 page vignettes, each easily read in 3-5 minutes. What has happened to our Constitution? The document that gave us the greatest prosperity in the modern world has been twisted and ignored into a shadow of its former greatness. Promises of the Constitution offers a fascinating journey through America's formation at God's hand, through the Constitution, itself, and through the caustic changes that have stripped our freedom and prosperity.

Can we fix our Constitution? We can! Promises of the Constitution tells us how and gives a message of hope for America. Promises of the Constitution makes it easy to understand our national greatness and teach it to our families. This is the perfect book for families to read together.


Men of wisdom, integrity and dedication, our Founding Fathers came together to create the United States Constitution--a system of government that offered a level of freedom, protection, prosperity and peace never before seen in the modern world. Repeatedly, they stated that God had inspired their efforts. Under their system of inspired government America experienced great prosperity. In the early 1900’s, America produced over one-half of the world’s goods with just 6% of its population and only 5% of the world’s land mass.


Gradual erosion and deliberate political chicanery have greatly restricted our freedoms. Our businesses are shackled with thousands of regulations that stifle productivity and drive jobs out of the country. Taxes take our income, the national debt skyrockets with no end in sight, and truth in politics and our media has vanished. Most Americans are frustrated and feel they are helpless to change what is happening in our once proud and independent country.


We can return to the greatness we once knew. Yes, there will be challenges but as we unite and come together, we can restore the Constitution of our inspired Founders. We can regain our freedom, protection, prosperity, and peace. Americans have the strength, determination, and desire to bring back those principles of honor that made us the greatest nation in modern history.

It can be done. We can shape our history.

Our lives, our liberties, and our property were protected under the original Constitution of the United States of America. This inspired document guaranteed these God-given rights of all Americans. The original US Constitution was the most profound freedom document ever written.

Changes have been made to our Constitution that destroyed our liberty, prosperity and protections. Enemies of liberty have taken steps to dismantle it. We can regain our God-given rights and prosperity if we act wisely and soon.

Promises of the Constitution unfolds the fascinating story of how God directed the building of America and inspired those who wrote this brilliant instrument of liberty. It explains the genius of our Constitution in simple terms, identifies the enemies of the Constitution, and outlines our actions to regain lost freedoms.

The perfect book to read yourself or with your family. You will quickly learn the ingenious principles found in our Constitution and how it has been changed by the dishonorable for their self-serving purposes. Promises of the Constitution explains current events that affect our liberty. It provides workable solutions.






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