Sports Scandals

True Stories of Cheating, Corruption and Greed

Norman Ferguson

Sport & Fitness

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Beschreibung zu „Sports Scandals“

Sport can bring out the best in us… and the worst.

The high-pressure world of competitive sport has been shaken over the years by a series of major scandals. Involving drugs, sex, violence, money or pure and simple cheating, these incidents have ruined reputations, fuelled suspicions and shocked loyal supporters. Highlighting some of the most memorable cases from around the world, Norman Ferguson explores both recent and historic instances of dishonesty, betrayal and outrageous unsporting behaviour.

Over 35 scandals, including:

• How cancer-survivor Lance Armstrong deceived his fans and cheated his way to seven Tour de France victories

• The World Cup bidding processes that brought the FBI to FIFA’s door

• Figure skater Tonya Harding’s sinister plot to break the leg of her rival, Nancy Kerrigan


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