Tons of Golden Fun

Ten Exciting Dog Sports Your Golden Retriever Will Love!

Nancy Aingworth

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Beschreibung zu „Tons of Golden Fun“

Dog sports range all over the board, from just-for-fun to very complex and detailed competition level participation – or a combination of both! The nice thing about it is that you have so many choices! These 10 sports were specially selected as being well suited to a Golden Retriever’s characteristics and personality, but they’re equally suited to many other breeds of dogs, as well.

Each sport is well explained to help you know more about it – how the sport began, what it’s all about, any requirements, competition guidelines, how to prepare, and how to get started. You can read all about these sports: dog agility, canine freestyle, canine good citizen, dock diving, dog shows, flyball, dog frisbee, dog obedience, rally obedience, and treibball.

Whether you’re thinking of checking out a dog sport just for fun, or trying to decide which one to get into on a competition level, this book is for you!






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