How to Survive Being a Teacher

Tongue-In-Cheek Advice and Cheeky Illustrations about Being a Teacher

Clive Whichelow Mike Haskins


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Class has begun!

It's a new term and you can’t wait for it to end. If only the holidays were longer… or school didn’t exist. To get through it, you’re going to need survival skills:

Essential items: Headache pills, tranquillisers, stress ball, flare gun…

Do power dress to show you’re not to be messed with. Don’t wear a Darth Vader costume.

This mischievous little book will help see you through your years as a teacher with tongue-in-cheek advice and cheeky illustrations.

Über Clive Whichelow

Clive Whichelow is a journalist and comedy writer. He has written for Rory Bremner, Jonathan Ross, Spitting Image and many others as well as for The Mail on Sunday, the Daily Express and the Daily Mirror.


Summersdale Publishers Ltd




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