It's Time to Remember, America

Restoring the Foundations of Liberty

Michael R. Myers


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Beschreibung zu „It's Time to Remember, America“

It’s Time to Remember, America is an attempt, through the use of original documents and primary sources, to canvass and rehearse the voices of our American ancestors—those who have gone before, laying down their lives as stepping stones for us who have come later. Few would dispute the fact that the men and women who shaped this nation were a rare breed of individuals who overcame insurmountable odds to establish a system of government like nothing the world had ever known. With multiple forces pulling on the fabric of American order from all sides, it behooves us to pause and reflect on what the great ones of our past believed. Their insight and sagacity, proven over time, offer hope and inspiration to a new generation. Too, this book verifies that America had a unique beginning. As we read and reflect upon the views of our founders and subsequent American leaders, we can readily identify a biblical worldview. As we read the many speeches, narratives, personal messages, and diaries from the people who lived during the first 300 years of our history, we find a common thread of belief. Indeed, this thread is more like a strong cord to which all the intentions, determinations, and decisions of the primary players of our history are fastened. It’s time to remember, America.






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